For this time spring 2013, Diptyque once again make a break through with the launch of L’Eau du Trente-Quatre Diptyque, a lively interpretation of the original 34 boulevard Saint German.  But this time along with change of season, the scent followed. The greenest notes take over from the warmer and more sensual notes of original 34.

This time I not gonna write review like I used to, this time I want you to feel what I feel when I spray it on my skin….:D So you can understand when I said most of niche perfume is complex, especially Dyptique. One of the reasons I fell in love with this range of niche perfume. Not trying to be different or out of the box. I’m the kind of person that gets bored easily; I need something a bit complex to balance that.  And this kind of perfume with it complexity always makes me wonder what to expect notes after notes, so there’s no room left to be bored.

Perfume for me is personal, I’m not a floral kinda a gal (for perfume) I’m more to powdery, musky almost soapy kinda gal! And I wear perfume depends on my mood. And this range of niche has it! Because of the variety of scent that changes after a while, replace one another like a harmony. Playing the notes exactly like the noser, Olivier Pescheux imagine and translate beautifully on the skin. Exactly what I need!

So this is what I experience when I wear Diptyque 34 L’Eau du Trente. When I first spray it (people often say it Top Note): the dominant scent that touch my skin is citrusy, so fresh. Maybe coz of the Verbena, lemon and bitter orange mixed create the delicate freshness. And then after that warm kinda woody scent takes the place (Middle Note) it must be the patchouli and Virginian cedarwood takes control. Not long after it turns to more greeny notes, smells like a fresh leaves in the morning and after a while it change into more light a bit warm musky with a lil hint of spice. I loveee it! I can’t stop smelling myself: P

Now you can have it on your skin! It already available on Papillion Duo, Pacific Place or Kemang.

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